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marlies|dekekrs the cult luxury lingerie brand wants to use your body as her canvas. Join us for great product and promotions!


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30 Days


Marlies Dekkers NL: migrated 10.10.2017 Description

Marlies Dekkers, the cult Dutch underwear artist, wants to use your body as her canvas.

Shunning the lingerie traditions of lace, ribbon and frill, the marlies|dekkers brand conceives bold, graphic conceptual looks using strap lattices and unusual cutouts.

Governed by the holy trinity of design, fit and quality, the work of marlies|dekkers is like a piece of art you wear - either under your clothing or as a part of your outfit.

All products are inspired the designers own vision on life, as she aims to give women more self-confidence and live out the company motto of “dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be”.


Advantages as a Partner:

  • Great conversion rates!
  • €150 average basket value
  • Product feed updated daily
  • Attractive commission model 
  • Personal and quick responses to your requests

Advantages as a Customer:

  • Recognised brand name for quality and design
  • Same-day shipment for orders made before 15:00
  • Mobile optimised website
  • Great customer service!
  • Signature products are always in stock


Commission Model:

Number of sales per month Commission %
1-15 7%
16 - 29 8%
30 and more 10%



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Please ensure you are also using the most up to date logo which is used on the network profile - if you need a different size, please get in touch.

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marlies|dekkers affiliate team


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  • Affiliates are not allowed to bid for the protected words marlies|dekkers (this includes misspellings in any form) as well as for the products in conjunction with other words on Internet search engines. The Affiliate may not optimize the words marlies|dekkers or its misspellings in any form within the framework of optimizing the search engines
  • Affiliate are not permitted to direct link
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