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Eurowings offers an attractive price-performance ratio among the European airlines. Better flight connections to even more destinations and everything with the high product quality of the Lufthansa Group.


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Eurowings Global - migrated Description

Eurowings is the low-cost airline of the Lufthansa Group and specialises in low-cost direct flights within Europe and from Cologne/Bonn, Munich and Düsseldorf to attractive long-haul destinations.

Each passenger can individually arrange their flights at the BASIC, SMART, BEST and BIZclass fares.



 Within the Eurowings Affiliate Program, all partners are remunerated according to the position-dependent attribution model. Eurowings measures & analyses the entire customer journey of the user and distributes the commission in the amount of 1.8% according to the participation.

The following model was implemented to evaluate the customer journey touchpoints:


First TP*

5th TP*

4th TP*

3rd TP*

2nd TP*

Last TP*








The position-based attribution model enables better remuneration according to value or position of touch point in the customer journey and creates the prerequisites for fair incentives for all involved publishers. Furthermore, publishers are more often recognized in the converting journeys and are involved in each conversion on a percentage basis.

Multi-channel tracking can also prevent 'cookie dropping' (overwriting of cookies) as in the classic 'last cookie wins' model.

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