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  • Cookie Time

    PPS (Sale): 20d 0h
    PPL (Lead): 20d 0h

  • Supports TPV PPS (Sale): 20d 0h PPL (Lead): 20d 0h
  • Optimized for Mobile


Summary bietet seinen Kunden eine Elektroartikel & SmartHome Markenvielfalt mit über 300.000 Produkten und Lieferung in über 180 Länder. Ihre Vorteile: 2% PPS und bis zu 6% PPS als Premium-Werbepartner von


Cookie Length

45 Days


Policy Definition Yes No Additional Information
Do you exclude any products in the advertiser's online shop from being tracked by zanox and assigned to a category and commission model? (If yes, please specify in the additional information box.)
Why might commissions be declined (sales and leads)?
Order cancelled
Credit card not accepted
Payment not received
Order returned
Credit check failed
Fraudulent order/application
Partial delivery (commission adjustment)
Internal order / test order
Breach of program terms
Application incomplete
Application denied
Double data (leads)
Blacklisted user
Bounced e-mail
Does the transaction value that commissions are paid on include...
delivery charges?
credit card fees?
other service charges?