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Happy Socks SE - Migrated

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    PPS (Sale): 45d 0h
    PPL (Lead): 45d 0h

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We're an online designer sock company from Stockholm, Sweden. Our colorful socks are there to make people Happy! We have a global offline and online presence. We are a strong fashion brand, affordable and have high average order value. Get onboard!


Cookie Length

7 Days

Now is the perfect time to forge a partnership with Happy Socks.

We have strong global sales and a vision for growth. We have a strong brand, a seasonality peak at the end of the year and a relatively high average order value (on average people buy 4 pairs of socks).

As a publisher you get 15% commission on every sale made.

Discount codes

Discount codes are a feature of the program, but only for specific sites. Sites that use codes that are not intended for their sites will be suspended from the program immediately.

Pay out

15% per sale

Tiered commission system on a case by case basis

Media Channels

SEM: Brand bidding for allowed on all search engines (all except Google!). Publishers that advertise via Google AdWords will directly be suspended from the program.